this is my theme song all through the month of october

hocus pocus to tumblr is what a christmas story is to tbs

Anonymous asked: "Do something fruity!"

her’s a picture of a peeled clementine i took a few years ago

Anonymous asked: "How do u like ur new job?"

It’s cool.

I work with decent people, I stock shelves (mostly food which I’m okay with because it’s easy to put away), I’ve been having three workday weeks which is fine for now, and yeah, making money finally.

fun fact: the actress who stars in annabelle is named annabelle 

Anonymous asked: "have you any unusual pet peeves?"


like, i hate when people ask me the same question they’ve already asked, or when someone says something twice in a row

send me some asks!



my aesthetic 

my aesthetic 

i enjoy looking at the nudes people post but i don’t enjoy reading the disgusting things people write under them