"My name ain’t Jellyroll. My name is Evelyn."
— (via insidiousoreo)

Remember the cinnamon challenge? Well I just remember I did it back in 2012. 

someone gave me a giftcard to barnes and nobles on facebook for my birthday and i am both excited because ive never received a virtual gift before and wondering what the fuck i could buy with $50

sylvia plath is my bitch



this is one of my favorite facts i’ve found on wikipedia


"hi i’m courtney, i’ll be reading a little poem for you guys today"
"oh cool, go right ahead sweetie"
and i am the arrow, the dew that flies, suicidal, at one with the drive into the red eye, cauldron of morning
"…get out"

My writer ppl, I have an important question:

In a novel would I get in trouble if I were to name products/bands/etc? Like for example:

"Dad liked to drink vanilla Coke and vodka."
"Can I get a pack of Maverick menthol 100’s and a two dollar scratch ticket?"
"Nothing was on, so I switched the channel onto Adventure Time as background noise."

when your crush sends you a nude


When someone got you so fucked up that you respond without words