Anonymous asked: "He has nothing on you! You're fuckin adorable!"

naw, max adler’s adorable in many ways, i’m just an aspiring writer struggling to survive most days

at least i could make max adler feel good what the fuck does darren criss have that i dont besides money and fame

they get darren criss to play max adler’s boyfriend and not me what the fuck kind of shit is that

Ship Wrecked


You clutch your bottle like an old anchor,
The package store must be your harbor.

I had walked with you to church
So you could tell somebody about it,

Like maybe that you love to swim, forty-proof,
Or that you yell louder than the whales wail.

But there were no priests, no nuns; you cried
By the altar as if it were your own funeral.

Then at home you sank back into the current
Of piss-stained sheets, browning dry-yellow pools

Curving your upper lip as the anger puffed in your guts,
Puffed them out in sad pregnancies; the drinks kick you-

And I watch from the other room, yes I do,
And I never cry,

I write poetry about the death in you like it’s something cool.
I give the bottles in the trashcan personality and meaning

But they never tell me why you like them so much,
Or why you try to drown yourself routinely.

They just swerve you home from the boatyard, the liquor packy
Three docks down, and rock you into a big red boat,

A big swollen boat that doesn’t know how to dock.

i forgot how much i liked this video

Anonymous asked: "I assume you are beginning to lose your hair."

probably from stress


is lohanthony famous just for being gay or does he do other shit



public service announcement 


is lohanthony famous just for being gay or does he do other shit